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Ripped off! That’s a phrase we never like to use, but for thousands of business owners that’s exactly what happens when dealing with a so-called web developer who knows how to take advantage of them. More often than not this involves a robust and powerful Content Management System called WordPress.

Today there are dozens of powerful solutions available “out of the box” to do things early web pioneers would have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for. But WordPress (without modification) is actually free. So why is it a WordPress “developer” can charge thousands of dollars for something free?

The easy answer is that most of the time they shouldn’t be. I have seen websites created with WordPress and a free theme, that the site owner was charged $2500 or even more for essentially 30 minutes of work. That said, if the site requires detailed graphics, custom plugins, or theme code (CSS/JavaScript/PHP) modifications, then the time and cost can go up. But how do you know if you’re being ripped off?

Prisqua Camiul Web Design & Marketing Consultant

Hi, my name is Prisqua and I am a guide, a consultant, a sherpa for small business owners who need to be online and who don’t need to be taken advantage of. I know you are busy and every penny counts so let me show you how I can assure you the investment you make is accurate and that you’re not paying thousands of dollars for a couple of hundred dollars worth of work. I’m reliable and trustworthy; let me prove it to you today.

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