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This is your business. This is your website.

So before you decide on anything and to avoid the possibilities of getting ripped off, please consider the following… Below are the four basic components to a website…

Domain name

Buy it yourself from a well-known company such as; prices vary from about $10/year. You can always search for coupons to get your first year discounted. The only up-sell you need to consider is a private registration.


This is where you website “resides”:; Prices and types of hosting plans vary. Unless you have a big budget, start with a cheap reliable host for one year until your online presence takes off and is rewarding ($$$). Refer to this post for more details.

Website design

Nowadays we use Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Ghost, Joomla, Drupal… It allows you to edit/update your website without the need for a professional (but you still need to learn what to do). I specialise in WordPress.

SEO & online marketing

Or Search Engine Optimization. Once you have a website, it needs to be found but it will not happen on its own. Having an optimised website is only one small step for being found on search engines such as Google or Bing.

Hi, my name is Prisqua.

As I have been taught in life, you should not put all of your eggs into one basket.

Sure, it’s nice to have an all-in-one package deal…

But with a website, it’s best to keep everything separate. So that if one fails, you can easily rectify without affecting too much of the other components.

I specialize in helping individuals and small business owners set up their websites using WordPress. I also work with a SEO specialist, a programmer, and a graphic designer.

Why WordPress? Because it is widely used, and allows you to easily update your website without the help of a professional. You can also add new features at any time.

Depending on your budget, you can have a custom design or choose from thousands of free or paid themes. WordPress even allows you to build powerful ecommerce sites (online shops).

WordPress is free to install on any hosting account and you can use themes and plugins from all over the Web.

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WordPress Web Design

So why hire a professional to setup your WordPress site?

Uploading WordPress to your hosting account is probably the easiest way – if you know how to use FTP. Otherwise, you can do a direct install from your cpanel. Then, you have to find a theme unless you know how to make a custom one.

Decision, Decisions, Decisions…

Not all themes are created equal. They are all built differently; some have features that others do not have; they all serve different purposes.

For example, a magazine theme is more appropriate for blogging. If you are a photographer, then you might want a portfolio-oriented theme. There are themes built especially for bands or events. It can get quite overwhelming…

There are a lot of tutorials available online but they are more oriented for the working core of WordPress. Themes evolve very quickly and updating tutorials for each one is quite a daunting task.

Basically this is where I come in: to save you from the hassles of finding the right theme for your business, installing the basic plugins needed to run the site smoothly, finding and installing the extra plugins you might need for extra features. And I will spend some time with you to explain how to do it all yourself once it is set up.

Total Online Presence!

It should not be difficult or expensive to build your online presence.

It should not be difficult or expensive to build your online presence.

Get a professional web design suitable for small businesses and individuals.

Get your online presence for a small investment.

I will even show you how to update your site so that you do not feel trapped or held hostage by a website designer.

This is your business. This is your website.

So before you decide on anything and to avoid the possibilities of getting ripped off…

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